Dog Grooming Products

applying Tomlyn Tearless ShampooWe choose Top Performance shampoos for bathing most dogs because they are gentle, biodegradable and coconut based. They rinse out well and leave a fresh, light scent.

For dogs with extremely sensitive skin, we recommend Tomlyn’s Nova Pearls shampoo. The quality of the shampoo along with the effect on your dog’s coat are amazing.

Espree is another great alternative because their shampoos are all natural and very gentle on the skin. I personally use all of my products when bathing my own dog.

The tearless Top Performance SunGold shampoo is the standard choice and is great for most dogs.

  • Top Performance SunGold – Coconut-based tearless shampoo used on every bath.
  • Top Performance Bright Magic Shampoo – Whitening shampoo.
  • Tomlyn Soapless Nova Pearls Shampoo – Hypoallergenic. For bathing dogs with extremely sensitive skin.
  • Espree Rainforest Conditioner – Light hypoallergenic conditioner (all natural).
  • Espree Tea Tree and Aloe Shampoo – Relieves dandruff and itchy skin (all natural).
  • Pure Pet Flea Shampoo – Kills fleas on contact.
  • Top Performance Pro Formula Degreaser – For bathing dogs with greasy or thin coats.