About Freddie the Shih-Tzu

Freddie is my wonderful little dog. She (yes, she) is a 10-pound, red and white Shih-Tzu and she was born on July 12, 2006. My parents breed their two Shih-Tzus, and I wanted a female puppy of my two dogs from when I lived at home.

She’s been through a basic puppy training class and is very well behaved and current on all of her vaccinations. Freddie knows quite a few tricks and is off-leashed trained. Being raised by a Heeler/German Shepherd Mix really has it’s advantages!

Freddie now travels to most houses with me on the job and she works too! I think bringing her with me helps set the other dogs at ease because she is so comfortable. Freddie is definitely ready to play around with them as SOON as their grooming is done. She’s a charming little thing! If you’re lucky, you may even get to see her when she has a mohawk!

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