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Dog Grooming Services

Bathing Your Dog ( see pricing )

You and your dog will both be happier when your dog is clean and fresh-smelling! Your dog’s bath will include:

  • Lather and scrub with warm water and Top Performance SunGold Shampoo

  • Thorough rinse to make sure all shampoo is removed

  • Thorough brush-out while drying

  • Nail trim

  • Anal glands expressed (external only)

  • Clean ears and pull ear hair if needed

  • Shave pads

  • Sanitary clip (medium to long-haired dogs)

  • Trim hair on feet (medium to long-haired dogs)


These extra things are great to do every time your dog is bathed in order to help maintain their healthy lifestyle. The nails are trimmed, the hair is pulled from the ears and then cleaned with a liquid cleaner, the anal glands are expressed (most big dogs do it on their own, but little dogs need help), sanitary clipping and the trimming on the feet help YOU with keeping your dog clean.


Full Grooming ( see pricing )

A full dog grooming includes all of the bathing services listed above, plus a haircut suitable for the breed and your own wishes.

These services can be requested individually or added to your dog’s bath or grooming session. (Items marked with a * are included in bathing and grooming.)

  • Nail trim *

  • Anal glands (external only) *

  • Ear cleaning *

  • Brushout only *

  • Brushout and dematting

  • Toothbrushing

Individual Services ( see pricing )

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